I'm Tanner. I'm 18. I have a big nose. I have a horrible mouth. I enjoy cigarettes, cheap beer, and nice text messages. curious cases

okay, omfg, 

tonight. was. amazing.

amazing friends, amazing boy, amazing everything. i literally CANNOT. i’m so happy.


i’m really fucking excited for tonight. FUCK.



Florence dancing to beyonce

 I love her

(Source: rvpx, via catsandcrisps)

i fucking suck at posting on the right tumblr…. shit’s hard.

i would do so much for you if i could just have you for the day. 

i’d convince you that you never need to go anywhere else, because you’re everything. and i wanna give you the world.

another good ass day, i really can’t complain about a damn thing.

except the fact that i’m not fucked up right now… but hey, what can ya dewww when you’re this broke.

i feel like i just use tumblr like i use twitter. and it’s kinda pointless………


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